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Our audiologists in Mesa and two offices in Scottsdale offer the latest in hearing aid technology and devices such as the iPhone hearing aids; tinnitus treatment and hearing protection.

At Advanced Hearing Group our Audiologists and staff have been helping our patients enjoy the sounds of life since 2004 by providing a full range of audiology services to the residents of Mesa, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills, Peoria, and the entire Phoenix metro areas in Arizona.

Our services include hearing tests, hearing aids, ear wax removal, middle ear testing, inner ear testing, aural rehabilitation, and vestibular testing. Every member of our professional team is highly trained and extremely focused on your hearing and balance needs.

We promise to always take the time to listen and talk with you one on one ensuring that we answer all your questions thoroughly. Each Audiologist carefully explains your options and assists you in making decisions that are best for you. Our goal is to enhance your life through sound, helping you live well and hear well.
We proudly carry the following hearing aids:


Welcome to the Future of Hearing Aid Technology

With cutting edge hearing aid technology, you can now experience crystal clear phone conversations, vibrant music, sharp sounding FaceTime calls, clear-sounding, turn-by-turn navigation, and more. Audio paired from your made-for-iPhone hearing aid is delivered wirelessly and directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and no additional hardware is needed. Contact Advanced Hearing Group to learn more about this and other ground-breaking hearing technologies. Click here to learn more.

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