Why Does Hearing Loss Contribute to Cognitive Decline?

Hearing loss is a common development as we age; allowing it to go untreated however, can lead to some serious complications. One vital concern with untreated hearing loss is cognitive decline. A Johns Hopkins study determined that individuals with mild hearing loss were two times more likely to develop dementia than those with normal hearing. That number increases to three times for moderate hearing loss and up to five times for severe loss.

Social isolation and brain atrophy from underutilizing the portion of the brain that processes sound is one cause of the decline. Another cause is overloading the portion of the brain that tries to understand degraded sound, redirecting resources from other processes such as memory. This causes memory recall to be strained.

mild cognitive impairment dementia and alzheimers can be caused by hearing loss

Mild cognitive impairment, including Dementia and Alzheimers, can be caused by untreated hearing loss.

What Can I Do?

Early intervention is absolutely critical and may lessen the impact hearing loss has on cognitive function and slow the decline. Call Advanced Hearing Group to schedule an evaluation and a hearing test – we are here to help.