How Does Cardiovascular Disease Damage My Hearing?

Studies have shown that individuals with a history of cardiovascular disease are about 54% more likely to develop hearing loss than those with a healthy vascular system. The reason for this increased risk appears to stem from decreased blood flow to the tiny vessels of the cochlea in the inner ear. The inner ear is a highly vascularized system, which makes it extremely susceptible to cardiovascular complications.

decreased blood flow to the cochlea causes hearing loss.

Patients who suffer from Heart Disease are more likely to also suffer from hearing loss due to the decreased blood flow to the tiny blood vessels of the cochlea in the inner ear. Picture credit to NHS.uk.

What Can I Do?

The best way to protect your hearing is to prevent heart disease before any irreversible damage is done. Exercising on a regular basis, eating a heart-healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight and seeing a doctor for regular health screenings are the first steps to heart health.

If you suspect you might already have a hearing impairment or you have a history of cardiovascular disease, don’t wait to have your hearing checked – early detection is the key to successful intervention. Call Advanced Hearing Group to schedule an evaluation and a hearing test.