How Can Hypertension Damage My Hearing?

Several studies have concluded that uncontrolled hypertension can accelerate hearing loss. Hypertension causes increased blood pressure that can damage the arteries which causes them to harden or narrow. One complication of artery damage is a decrease in blood flow to various organs in the body, including the cochlea. The cochlea is highly vascularized system, thus making it susceptible to the effects of uncontrolled hypertension. When the delicate vessels in the inner ear are damaged, it can cause irreversible hearing loss.

decreased blood flow to the cochlea causes hearing loss.

Patients who suffer from Hypertension are more likely to also suffer from hearing loss due to the decreased blood flow to the tiny blood vessels of the cochlea. Picture credit to NHS.uk.

What Can I Do?

Treating hypertension with medications and lifestyle changes can help to prevent vascular damage, thereby protecting the cochlea. If you think your hearing acuity might be impacted by hypertension, call Advanced Hearing Group to schedule an evaluation and a hearing test. Early intervention can help prevent any further hearing loss.