Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Assistive Listening Devices are designed to help connect listeners to a specific sound source. These can be used in conjunction with hearing aids, cochlear implants or independently. ALDs are commonly used with televisions, radios, and telephones. They can even be used to listen to public speakers. When appropriately used, ALDs can improve the quality of sound in many situations.

ALDs are not only used for the hearing impaired; they can also help people without hearing difficulties in many difficult listening environments such as classrooms or places of worship.


Not only can you get Assistive Listening Devices for your phone or television to hear better, but there are systems out there to alert you too when the doorbell rings, your phone rings, your alarm clock goes off and even when the smoke alarm is sounding! These devices are not only sold to help us to hear better in certain situations, but to keep us safe from harm as well!

assisted listening device