Ear Molds

Ear molds are a custom fit product worn inside the ears. Ear molds may be used with hearing aids, for hearing protection, or for recreational use. In order to obtain a custom ear mold, a cast of the ear must be taken. This is done through the use of a two-part silicone injected into the ear canal and takes approximately three to five minutes. This is to be performed only by a hearing care specialist.

When an ear mold is attached to a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid, it improves the comfort and reduces feedback (whistling).

Custom fit ear molds can act as hearing protection helping to reduce harmful amounts of noise in loud work environments and in recreational hobbies such as shooting, attending loud sporting events or concerts.

Recreational uses of custom fit ear molds include swimming protection to help prevent water from entering the ear, custom head phones for increased comfort while listening to music and better fit during high impact activities, and as in-ear monitors for performers.


Ear molds, just like hearing aids, come in many different styles so that the appropriate size and comfort can be achieved for each patient. They also can be made from a variety of materials from hard acrylics to very soft vinyl materials. Again, your hearing specialist will determine what style and material are best for you, including those individuals with skin allergies. Ear molds can also come in hypoallergenic materials!

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