Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Life is all about connecting, sharing, joining in and never missing a moment, but for someone who suffers from hearing loss, some of these vital life-affirming moments can be irrevocably lost. This is where Made for iPhone hearing aids can help to close the gap and get you connected to your world once more.

Part app, part hearing aid, these amazing devices are the future of audiology. Their remarkably discreet design offers you hassle-free durability, incredible sound clarity, enhanced phone communication as well as great sounding music and media – and it’s all controlled by an easy-to-use app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Working like a regular hearing aid, they enable you to carry on conversations with those around you and hear your surrounding environment with amazing clarity. These products are able to be manually adjusted as you transition from one environment to another, by utilizing an app on your iPhone. Some are even equipped with a GPS feature that can detect where you are and automatically adjust the noise-reduction and directional microphones based on your tagged locations; and if you have misplaced your hearing aids, the app can help you locate them.

The technology doesn’t stop there however; these cutting edge devices also work as wireless stereo headphones, streaming your phone calls, music, videos, apps and even FaceTime directly into your ears with pristine sound quality. Gone are the days where you have to strain to be able to hear a phone call or play around with the microphones trying to pick out the sound of your music or videos; with direct streaming you won’t miss a single moment.

We offer several different types of Made for iPhone hearing aids here at Advanced Hearing Group; our Halo, Re-Sound and Oticon brands all offer unparalleled sound quality and customization that fits nearly every type of hearing loss. We would love to have you come in and try on a pair to see how incredible they really are. Being able to connect you to the world and ensuring that you won’t miss out on a single joyous moment is what it is all about!


Our ability to hear is directly related to our happiness. Studies have proven that everyday sounds make us smile. A child’s voice. A whistling train. The crack of a bat. Just a simple sound can be enough to make you grin. And it’s more than an emotional reaction. Studies show that the sounds we hear affect our mood, our physical reactions, our behavior, and the very way we think.

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