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professional ear wax removal

Professional Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is often underappreciated. After all, it’s not so nice to look at and can sometimes be downright gross! It does have an important function, though, and that is to protect your ears from water, debris, and bacteria. 

Too much ear wax, however, can often do more harm than good. In fact, excessive ear wax can:

  • Lead to hearing loss or impairment
  • Cause pain and discomfort
  • Hide serious problems within the ear
  • Lead to hearing aid malfunction

Removing ear wax on your own can cause further impaction or damage to delicate ear parts. Instead, it’s best to leave ear wax removal to the hearing professionals.

Our Mesa audiologists have the right tools and experience to safely and efficiently remove built up ear wax with the techniques best suited for your individual situation. We are often able to schedule same-day appointments to get you back to having just the right amount of ear wax and restore ear health.


Did You Know?

Q-tips can actually cause built up wax to move further into the ear, potentially leading to more discomfort and damage to the eardrum.

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