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Benefits of Smartphone Hearing Aids

Smartphone hearing aids are cutting edge hearing technology made to help you hear better so you can enjoy the world around you. These devices work with both iPhone and Android devices, and come equipped with features that just aren’t available on traditional hearing aids. The benefits of smartphone hearing aids are many and include:

  • Better sounding phone conversations
  • Remote control of your hearing aids right from your phone
  • Music and other media with unmatched sound clarity
  • Saved locations where your settings can automatically adjust
  • GPS capabilities that can help you find misplaced hearing aids
  • Direct audio streaming straight into your ears

Favorite Smartphone Hearing Aid Features

Smartphone hearing aids may look like your typical hearing aids but the similarity ends there! You may have forgotten how good hearing well actually sounds … until you’ve had a chance to try out some of these advanced smartphone hearing aid features:

  • Remote controlled hearing – Discreetly make hearing aid adjustments right from an app on your phone as you move about.
  • Saved locations – We all have places we frequent on a regular basis. Smartphone hearing aids can save your sound settings for those locations and easily change to those saved settings when you arrive there next.
  • GPS features – Some smartphone hearing aids come equipped with GPS capabilities … a pretty handy way to help you find a set of lost hearing aids!
  • Direct streaming – Is your family tired of you turning up the volume on the TV, radio, or other electronic devices just so you can hear? Smartphone hearing aids make it possible to stream sound directly into your ears … you’ll hear better and your family will be happier, too!

Welcome to the age of modern hearing technology where YOU control your listening experience and have the power to re-connect with the people and world around you!


Did You Know?

Our Scottsdale audiologists will work closely with you to determine whether or not smartphone hearing aids are your best hearing loss treatment option. We take many factors into consideration, including your specific hearing needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.

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