Digital Hearing Protection – For Hunters, Law Enforcement, Target Shooters

Electronic (or digital) hearing protection offers the unique ability to permit lower decibel noise levels, such as the launch of a trap or the flush of a bird, while still protecting your ears from sounds that are over 90dB in volume. You can have normal conversation in a duck blind, talk with friends on the Sporting Clays course or easily communicate with your team in a tactical setting. All-the-while, your fragile hearing will remain properly protected from damaging noises such as gunfire. While a gun shot tops the charts at 150dB, our ESP digital hearing protection ear plug helps to turn the volume down on other sounds we hear everyday that can also contribute to permanent hearing damage.

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Hunters, as well as law enforcement, gun range, backyard and target shooters can suffer serious and permanent damage to their inner ear drums due to exposure to gunshots without wearing ear protection. Unfortunately, individuals often neglect to use hearing protection, either because they are unaware of how significant the damage can be, or because they believe their options consist of either awkward-fitting foam ear plugs, or bulky headphones that eliminate the natural sounds hunters rely on.

Luckily, digital hearing protection provides a solution. Products, such as ESP America Digital Ear Protection, are neither cumbersome nor a one-size-fits-most solution. Each pair of ESP digital ear plugs are custom sized to your ears, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Beyond the unsurpassed digital protection, the ESP product is incredibly durable. They are also lightweight and easy to insert, allowing you to keep your focus on the target and your surroundings, rather than constantly readjusting your ear protection. In fact, the custom fit is so precise, you’ll forget you’re wearing them! Save yourself from a lifetime of hearing problems or the possibility of complete hearing loss with ESP’s newly updated line of hearing protection products. The most innovative and effective digital earplugs available to shooters.

ESP’s Digital Hearing Protection is intended for people who are exposed to loud intermittent sounds such as gun shots. If you are looking for hearing protection options for jobs that have a constant exposure to loud noises such as construction and factory workers, traditional hearing protection is ideal for you.

Digital Hearing Protection


More than 50 million shooters in the U.S. are currently at risk for developing some degree of noise-induced hearing loss…the world’s most common and preventable disability. Every time you shoot a gun without proper hearing protection you are assaulting your ears with up to 150 decibels (dB) of deafening sound. Repeat exposure over 90 dB will result in permanent hearing loss while a single gun blast of more than
120 dB can do the same.