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Audiometric testing, or more simply hearing testing, evaluates hearing sensitivity between the frequencies of 250-8000 Hz, all of which are necessary for both hearing and understanding speech.

Types of Hearing Tests

  • Audiometric testing is individualized and may be conducted in various ways depending on the age of the patient. Typically, air conduction audiometry is completed in addition to bone conduction audiometry in order to determine the type and severity of the hearing loss. Test results will allow the audiologist to diagnose conductive, mixed or sensorineural hearing loss.
  • Supra-Frequency Audiometry evaluates hearing sensitivity between 8000Hz -16,000Hz. Although this frequency range is not essential for hearing speech, it is useful in measuring the overall health of the inner ear. Typically, Supra-Frequency testing is performed to detect the effects of noise exposure or ototoxicity.


Sound is comprised of waves of varying speed and height that determine the pitch and the volume of that sound. Those sound waves enter through the ear canal and travel inward striking the eardrum. The vibration of the eardrum causes movement of the middle ear bones magnifying the sound. Those vibrations enter the cochlea, which is the main sensory organ of hearing. The fluid in this space moves from the vibrations, bending tiny hair cells called cilia. These moving hair cells trigger an electrical impulse which travels along the auditory nerve to the brain where it is interpreted as sound.

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Hearing Tests with an Audiologist

Hearing Tests 101

“What?” “Can you repeat that?” “Turn up the volume!”

If these are common sayings around your household, it’s likely someone has a hearing problem. People often choose to get a hearing test (or their spouse makes them get one!) when symptoms like these start to show up. Hearing changes can be detected much earlier, however, when testing is completed as a preventive measure, not just as a result of experiencing hearing difficulty.

“I finally went in to see Dr. Johnson and his office had the top of the line hearing test equipment. I must mention that he took my insurance too!!! Once he diagnosed me, he had my Hearing aids in a couple day and it was very fast to set them up. You can barely see them not that it makes a difference since most people have Blue tooth headsets on their ear these days. I have Bluetooth in my hearing aids, I can listen to music and talk on my phone hands free. Unbelievabe difference now that I can hear people again. Thank you Dr. Johnson and staff for a great experience!”

Steve D.

Gilbert, AZ

What a positive experience for my 103 year old mother today! From booking the initial appointment, help sorting out the insurance details, all the way through the exam & even the hearing test, I was impressed with the helpful and caring staff that made her, and me, feel so at ease.

Dr. Kelly Lewis was amazing! Her expertise in removing ear wax, administering a hearing test and providing us with up to date information and options for better hearing went above and beyond my expectations.”

Donna M.

Scottsdale, AZ

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