Traveling With Hearing Aids: Important Tips and Considerations

Mar 20, 2024

let’s take a look at some tips to follow and precautions to take so traveling with hearing aids is a seamless, enjoyable journey.If you have hearing loss, traveling with hearing aids doesn’t have to be an arduous ordeal. But if you don’t plan ahead, you could find yourself facing some situations where your hearing aids aren’t performing at their best. And when you can’t hear well, you won’t enjoy your travels nearly as much! So, let’s take a look at some tips to follow and precautions to take so traveling with hearing aids is a seamless, enjoyable journey.


Traveling With Hearing Aids: 6 Essential Tips For a Smooth Trip


1. Remember to pack spare hearing aid batteries and hearing aid maintenance supplies.

Before heading out on your trip, purchase and pack an ample supply of hearing aid batteries. Play it extra safe by including MORE than you think you’ll need. Also include your hearing aid cleaning kit so your devices can be kept debris-free and in good working order.


If you’re traveling by plane or train, keep all of these items in your handbag or carry-on luggage. You’ll want them close by so they’re there when you need them, not stuck in checked luggage that you can’t access until you arrive at your final destination.


2. Bring the tools you need to protect your hearing aids.

Even if you’ve only had hearing aids for a short time, you’ve probably already discovered that these marvelous pieces of technology need to be protected. They don’t mix well with moisture, humidity, dirt, and other environmental hazards that can interfere with their delicate parts.


Keep your hearing devices protected with a waterproof or water-resistant case if you’re heading out on the water or lounging at the beach. You can also bring a hearing aid dehumidifier to remove excess moisture at the end of the day, especially if you’re going to be wearing your hearing devices near water.


3. Notify airport security that you’re traveling with hearing aids.

When passing through airport security checkpoints, inform the personnel working there that you’re wearing hearing aids. You may be asked to undergo additional screening. You can rest assured, though, that the process is routine and designed to ensure your safety and comfort.


4. Don’t be afraid to tell others that you have hearing loss.

When traveling with hearing aids or other assistive devices, you’ll find that most people are very accommodating if they simply understand your needs. Be open about your hearing loss with your travel companions, tour guides, hostess, and others you meet along the way. When they know about any specific accommodations you may require, there will be fewer misunderstandings and you’ll be better able to enjoy your travels.

5. Thoroughly research your destination and planned attractions in advance.

Before booking accommodations or planning activities, research venues that are equipped with hearing aid-friendly features. This might include hearing loop systems, small group tours, or even captioned tours. Many hotels, theaters, museums, and tourist attractions offer assistive listening devices or accommodations for individuals with hearing loss. The more you know about your destination in advance, the better prepared you will be for what you’ll encounter.


6. Make traveling with hearing aids a breeze by scheduling a pre-trip inspection with your audiologist.

Do you ever take your vehicle to your local repair shop for a checkup before heading out on a road trip? It’s easy to do the same with your hearing aids before heading out of town! Simply schedule an appointment with your audiologist a few weeks before your scheduled departure. Your audiologist can inspect your hearing aids, make sure they’re working properly, and make any adjustments needed to help you hear better.


Prepare For Your Travels With a Visit to Your Mesa or Scottsdale Audiologist

At Advanced Hearing Group, we’re committed to helping people of all ages get the hearing loss treatment they need so they can hear well and live well. Our convenient locations in Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ make it easy for our audiologists to help clients all over the greater Phoenix area, including Tempe, Gilbert, Queen Creek, and surrounding towns.


An effective hearing loss treatment plan often includes hearing aids, and our audiologists work tirelessly to help you find the best hearing aids for your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget. We also help you keep your devices in great working order, so once you make the investment in your hearing health, you can continue to hear well for months and years to come. That includes making adjustments and minor repairs to make traveling with hearing aids NO problem at all. So, the next time you have a travel adventure planned, schedule an appointment with us first!

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