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While it’s not pretty, ear wax is a normal product of healthy ears that protects their delicate parts from water and infection. When a patient has too much of it, however, the ear can become plugged. As a result, hearing loss and discomfort can occur, leading to the need for ear wax removal. In addition, an over abundance of wax in the ear can obscure the doctor’s vision of the ear canal, hiding other more serious problems. For those patients with hearing aids, too much ear wax can provide another challenge – it is the leading cause of hearing aid malfunction.

Since individuals vary greatly in the amount and consistency of ear wax produced, there are a variety of safe ear wax removal techniques that can be performed. The most common include the use of a curette (a tool used to scoop or pull wax out of the ear), suction, and flushing the ear with water.


Resist the temptation to use Q-tips to clean out your ears! Q-tips can actually push the wax FURTHER into the ear, potentially causing damage or making it more difficult to remove.

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Earwax Removal by Audiologist

“I went there yesterday and saw audiologist, Kelly Lewis. I had been trouble hearing from my right ear for several weeks, so my wife booked me in. On time, very professional, and after looking in my ear, she pulled out a piece of cotton from a Q-tip (Yes, I know you’re not supposed to clean your ears with a Q-tip, but I also know most people do!) that had come off, and lodged up against my ear drum. Hearing was restored immediately and I was on my way within 15 minutes. Highly recommend!!”

Ralph B.

Scottsdale, AZ

Say NO to Q-tips and YES to professional earwax removal!
I never thought I would need to go to an audiologist because of too much earwax but I guess there’s a first time for everything! The staff here at Advanced Hearing Group are really nice and they even offer same day earwax removal appointments when possible. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”

Gretchen R.

Mesa, AZ

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