Treatment for Tinnitus in Mesa and Scottsdale


While there is currently no cure for tinnitus, Audiologists in Mesa and Scottsdale can provide treatment. Patients can still get relief from tinnitus by treating the symptoms of the condition. The most common treatment for tinnitus is utilizing sound therapy with either hearing aids or tinnitus maskers that help the brain ignore the specific tinnitus frequency.

Hearing aids are especially helpful for tinnitus relief if the patient suffers from both tinnitus as well as some type of hearing loss. Our audiologists have several options that, depending on your particular condition, that assist in the treatment of tinnitus:

Just because there is not a cure for tinnitus does not mean that a patient should not receive treatment for tinnitus. Untreated tinnitus can have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life; fatigue, depression, anxiety, irritability, sleep problems, lack of concentration and stress are prevalent in suffers of tinnitus. Getting some sort of tinnitus relief might not directly affect the tinnitus; however it will certainly help restore your quality of life.


There are many different advanced technologies available for hearing aid users. Some hearing aids are even engineered to work with your iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch®, so FaceTime®, phone calls, videos, ibooks, music and more stream directly into your hearing aids with pristine sound quality – no background buzzing and no whistling.

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