Hearing Protection

Providing hearing protection is an important part of an audiologist’s job is to help prevent future hearing loss. Too much noise exposure can cause temporary hearing changes, ringing in the ears, or even a stuffed up feeling. Repetitive exposure to loud noise, however, can lead to permanent and irreversible hearing loss. This may also be accompanied by tinnitus, or ringing in the ear. Obviously, loud noise cannot be eliminated from many workplaces or recreational activities, so your hearing professional can help you find hearing protection that will provide maximum protection, comfort, and wearability.

Some of the more common hearing protection devices include:

Traditional hearing protection is ideal for jobs that have constant exposure to loud noises such as construction and factory workers. If you are looking for hearing protection options for jobs that have exposure to loud intermittent sounds such as gun shots, Digital Hearing Protection is ideal for you.

hearing protection


There are federal guidelines associated with high noise exposure and hearing conservation programs. If you feel like you work in a particularly loud environment, contact your Human Resource Specialist to see if your position is part of a hearing conservation program.