How Heat Impacts Hearing Aids

Aug 18, 2022

Heat Impacts Hearing AidsArizona’s high summer temperatures can leave you feeling limp and ragged, but it’s important to note that heat impacts hearing aids as well. If you’re relying on hearing aids or other hearing devices to help with hearing loss, listen up.


Today, we’re going to pass along some helpful tips from Better Hearing that can keep heat from impacting your hearing aids quite so much. We’ll even touch on how to keep them safe from moisture as well.


Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe From Heat With These Helpful Tips

You’ll probably agree that purchasing a set of new hearing aids was a wise decision for your hearing health. Now, let’s protect your investment by keeping your hearing devices out of the elements that can damage them.


1.  Don’t leave your hearing aids in the car.

Why is this important? Well, with outside air temperatures already in the high 80s or 90s, the inside air temperature of your car can creep up over 100 degrees. High heat like that can impact hearing aids by damaging the casing or the battery.


Obviously, you should be wearing your hearing aids as much as possible in order to realize their true benefits. But if you’re heading out for a water-based activity and don’t want to wear them, store them in a safe, cool, and dry place.


2.  Don’t leave your hearing aids in direct sunlight.

Again, it’s a smart idea to take your hearing aids out before going boating, taking a swim, or partaking in any other water sports. But don’t leave your hearing aids sitting out in the sun while you’re in the water. Similar to leaving them in a hot car, heat can affect your hearing aids’ structure and performance.


3.  Protect your hearing aids from sweat damage.

Whether you’re spending time outdoors with friends, hitting the golf course, or simply taking a walk around the neighborhood, it’s likely that you’re sweating more in the hot summer sun. Even though your inner ear doesn’t have sweat glands, sweat from your face can still make its way inside your ear. Therefore, it can also make its way onto and inside your hearing aids. It’s a good idea to clean your hearing aids daily and wipe off any moisture.


4.  Protect Your Hearing Aids From Moisture, Too

As outdoor temperatures rise, so does the likelihood that you’ll want to spend time in or near water to cool off. Follow the tips below to protect your hearing aids from moisture, a big enemy of hearing aids.


5.  Store your hearing aids in a protective case.

Whether you’re taking a dip in the pool or heading out for a boat ride, keep your hearing aids safe and dry inside a designated storage case. This simple action can keep moisture and debris from affecting your hearing aids’ delicate parts.


6.  Dry your ears after you’ve been in the water.

Even if you’re diligent about removing your hearing aids while in the water, they can still pick up moisture from your ears once you put them back in. When you’re done swimming or spending time in or near water, be sure to dry your ears carefully before reinserting your hearing aids.


7.  Purchase a hearing aid dehumidifier.

Heat impacts hearing aids but so does humidity. A dehumidifier specifically designed for hearing aids can be exactly what you need to keep your devices moisture-free. When you take your hearing aids out at the end of the day, simply put them inside the dehumidifier and let it do its job.


Heat Impacts Hearing Aids But So Does Neglect

Today’s hearing aids are technological marvels. If you treat them with care and respect, just like you would your smartphone or other piece of technology, they’ll last much longer and continue to help you hear better.


But what exactly does ‘treating them with care and respect’ mean? First, it means protecting them from heat, dirt, debris, and moisture by following the tips above. Then, it means regular maintenance including cleaning and repair.


At Advanced Hearing Group, we offer hearing aid repair and maintenance services at our Mesa, North Scottsdale, and South Scottsdale locations. Simply schedule an appointment with us today. We’ll help you keep your hearing aids working well so you can get the most out of them and hear well for years to come.


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