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Hearing Protection

Providing hearing protection is an important part of an audiologist’s job is to help prevent future hearing loss. Too much noise exposure can cause temporary hearing changes, ringing in the ears, or even a stuffed up feeling. Repetitive exposure to loud noise, however, can lead to permanent and irreversible hearing loss. This may also be accompanied by tinnitus, or ringing in the ear. Obviously, loud noise cannot be eliminated from many workplaces or recreational activities, so your hearing professional can help you find hearing protection that will provide maximum protection, comfort, and wearability.

Common Hearing Protection Devices:

  • Expandable foam plugs. These earplugs are made from a comfortable, formable material that is designed to expand and block the ear canal.
  • Custom-molded, reusable plugs. These ear plugs are made of silicone, plastic, or rubber and are available in a variety of sizes. Pre-molded plugs are relatively inexpensive, reusable, and comfortable.
  • Canal caps. Canal caps resemble earplugs mounted on a flexible plastic or metal band that is worn over the head or behind the neck. Their primary advantage is convenience, allowing the user to quickly remove or replace the sound-blocking caps as needed.
  • Earmuffs. These protective devices come in many sizes and shapes. They completely cover the outer ear to block out noise.
  • Miscellaneous devices. Of course, we realize that not every individual will find satisfaction in the typical hearing protection, so as your hearing professional, we will listen to your needs, analyze your environment, and find a protective device that will be meet your needs – even if it’s not one that you typically find on a pharmacy shelf.

Traditional hearing protection is ideal for jobs that have constant exposure to loud noises such as construction and factory workers. If you are looking for hearing protection options for jobs that have exposure to loud intermittent sounds such as gunshots, Digital Hearing Protection is ideal for you.

hearing protection


There are federal guidelines associated with high noise exposure and hearing conservation programs. If you feel like you work in a particularly loud environment, contact your Human Resource Specialist to see if your position is part of a hearing conservation program.

Happy Patients:

We want to thank Dr. Johnson and the staff at the South Scottsdale office, for their prompt service, when I had a problem, with one of my hearing aids. They saw me within an hour of my call to their office and resolved the problem, in a few minutes. We appreciate a business that is so helpful and caring.

Lisa B.

As a person who was just diagnosed with tinnitus and some hearing loss, I decided to see Dr. Gary Johnson and discuss if hearing aids would be beneficial to me. Dr. Johnson gave me a thorough examination and evaluation and recommended hearing aids for me to help with the hearing loss and help quiet the tinnitus. I have been wearing my new hearing aids for about 2 months now and I am so happy with them. Dr. Johnson did a wonderful job evaluating what would work for me. He is very pleasant, listens to the needs of the patient, answers all questions and makes you feel very comfortable. I have been helped with the hearing aids for both my tinnitus and hearing loss. Don’t hesitate to go see Dr. Johnson if you are in need of someone who can help with your tinnitus and hearing problems. He is the best in the business.

Laura S.

I had a hearing aid quit on me. I went into the Mesa location and was greeted by a pleasant young lady and was promptly helped to get my hearing aid working again. And there was no charge !!Great service and pleasant staff. What a great experience !!

Gordon O.

Will health insurance cover my hearing aids? What about ear wax removal?

Insurance covers many hearing & audiology services

Health insurance companies cover a variety of hearing aids. Since there are often specific requirements, and/or limitations on what or how much is covered, it is important to thoroughly understand what your health plan offers. It is our goal to find the type of hearing aid that is most suitable for your hearing loss. We will also help you understand your treatment options as they relate to your health insurance coverage.

Most insurance typically covers the cost of earwax removal services, with the patient paying only their standard policy deductible. However, the cost of earwax removal is not as expensive as you might think – without going through insurance, the cost of a standard earwax removal is $95.00 for either one ear or two.

We proudly contract with the insurance companies listed below. Our list is constantly growing, so check back often to see if your company is included. Alternatively, you can call us for assistance with your plan’s coverage, or to see if we contract with your insurance.

AARP / AARP Medicare Complete
ACN Connected Care
Aetna / ALL plans/ Banner
Alaska Care
Arizona Care Network (ACN)
Arizona Complete Health (AHCCCS)
Allwell Commerical / AHCCCS
American Postal Workers Union (APWU)
Arizona Health Care Cost Containment (AHCCCS)
Arizona Medical Network (AMN)
AZ Complete Health Care
Banner University Medicare Advantage (SNP)
Banner University LTC (AHCCCS)
Banner University Family Care (AHCCCS)
Beech Street
Blue Cross Blue Shield (Auth required for Banner)
Children's Rehabilitation Services (CRS)
Cigna (All Plans)
Core Civic
First Health
Fortified Provider Network (HMN)
Golden Rule
Great West Health
Health Choice (AHCCCS)
Health Choice Pathway (SNP)
Health Management Network (HMN)
Healthnet (All Plans)
Healthnet Federal Services
Health Smart
Humana (All Plans)
ICE Health Services (IHS)
Imperial Insurance
Mail Handlers Benefit Plan (MHBP)
Medicare Part B
Medicare Railroad
Magellan Complete Care
Mercy Care Advantage (SNP)
Mercy Care Plan (AHCCCS)
Mercy Care Group Health
Mercy Care RBHA
Mercy Maricopa Integrated
Molina Care (AHCCCS)
Oscar Healthcare (Cigna only)
OWCP (Workers Comp.)
Refugee Medical Asst. Program (RMAP)
Southwest Services Administrators
Tricare West Region / HNFS
Triwest / VA Community Care
United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)
UHC AARP Medicare Complete (Auth required for Banner)
UHC Dual Complete (SNP)
UHC Community Plan (AHCCCS)
United Mine Workers Union (UMWU)
United Healthcare (Auth required for Banner)
VA Community Care
Washington State Labor of Industry

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