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How to Communicate Effectively With Loved Ones Who Have Hearing Loss

Jan 4, 2024

How communicate with someone who has hearing loss

If you’ve ever tried to communicate effectively with someone who has hearing loss, you may have left the conversation feeling frustrated. Between their lack of understanding and you having to constantly repeat yourself, it probably wasn’t your idea of a good time. 

Conversation is an integral part of life, however, and is especially important for the hearing impaired. Let’s look at some essential communication strategies you can use to have meaningful interactions with loved ones who have less than perfect hearing.

9 Tips For Effective Communication With People Who Have Hearing Loss

1. The key to communicating effectively with people who have hearing loss is getting their attention.

Many individuals with hearing loss are unable to process multiple sounds simultaneously, making it difficult to discern your voice from other sounds around them. Get their attention by saying their name, gesturing with your hand, and making eye contact. Do not start the conversation until you have their focused attention. This will make it easier for them to hear and understand while also reducing the need for you to repeat yourself.

2. Make sure you’re facing the person who has hearing loss.

Ideally, you should be facing them directly and sitting or standing at the same level. Also pay attention to the lighting around you. When they are looking at you head on and in good light, they’ll be in the best position for hearing clearly and being able to read lips.

The only time this may not be advisable is if the hearing impaired individual has better hearing in one ear vs. the other. In this case, you’ll want to speak directly toward their ear that has the best hearing ability.

3. Speak to hearing impaired people while in the same room.

If they can’t see who is speaking, someone with hearing loss may not realize that the conversation involves them. Or, they may not even realize there’s a conversation happening at all!

4. Communication will be more effective if the person with hearing loss is wearing their hearing aids.

Unfortunately, not everyone with hearing loss has sought out hearing loss treatment. If the person you’re speaking with does have hearing aids, however, make sure they’re wearing them! 

5. Be mindful of your environment.

Effective communication with people who have hearing loss is much easier to accomplish in quiet places. The hearing impaired individual won’t have to filter out background noise in an effort to hear your voice. If you must converse in a noisy environment, see if you can at least move to a quieter area within the room.

6. Keep your mouth clear when communicating with people who have hearing loss.

This includes keeping hands and other objects away from your face so it’s easier to read lips or process visual cues. It also means not talking while eating, chewing gum, or doing anything else that could distort your speech.

7. Speak naturally and clearly.

When communicating with people who have hearing loss, it’s tempting to speak louder and with exaggerated words. Resist the temptation and instead, speak slowly and enunciate your words clearly.

8. Use shorter, less complex sentences.

When you slow down, speak clearly, and use common words that are easily understood, you’ll find that the conversation goes much more smoothly. It’s also helpful to pause periodically between sentences. This gives you the opportunity to make sure your conversation partner is comprehending and following what you’re saying.

9. Realize that effective communication with people who have hearing loss may include writing things down.

Conversing about the weather or other everyday topics may not require complete understanding of the entire conversation. But if you’re talking with a hearing impaired individual about important things like appointments or their healthcare, it might be wise to follow up your conversation with written details.

Get Expert Hearing Loss Treatment in Mesa or Scottsdale, AZ

By following these tips, effective communication with people who have hearing loss IS possible and is often less frustrating. It’s important to remember, though, that hearing loss should not be left untreated. When detected, diagnosed, and treated in its early stages, hearing loss does NOT have to have a negative impact on quality of life. 

At Advanced Hearing Group, we’re proud to help people with hearing loss in the Mesa or Scottsdale area hear better and enjoy the gift of sound. We offer a variety of hearing related services including hearing tests, custom hearing protection, high quality hearing aids, and more. 

Simply schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists today and get on the road toward better hearing!

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