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As the holiday season comes upon us, it’s time for many of us to start thinking about gifts we’ll give our friends and loved ones. There are probably one or two people (maybe more!) on your list who are difficult to buy for, including someone with hearing loss.

Instead of buying something they’ll just put aside and never use, why not find the perfect gift – one that’s unique, attractive, AND functional. We’ve compiled a gift list for you below … these gifts for people with hearing loss are all that and more!

Our top 5 gifts for people with hearing loss

Modern hearing technology has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when Bluetooth hearing aids were the only ‘cool’ tech devices on the market. Check out these fun and useful devices (and a toy). Buying one of these gifts will show your friend or family member with hearing loss that you truly care!

Great Gifts


1. Vibrating Alarm Clock – Make mornings easy. This unique alarm clock wirelessly connects to a Bluetooth-enabled phone and wakes you up with a vibration, alarm, or both. No more sleeping through an alarm you don’t hear and then being late for work, school, or an important meeting!

2. SkyBell Digital Doorbell – Individuals with hearing loss often find it difficult to hear the doorbell when visitors arrive. THIS doorbell gives you an alert on your cell phone to let you know someone is at your door. The video feature shows who it is and even allows you to communicate with that person!

3. TV Listening Devices – One of the first signs of hearing loss is having to turn up the volume on the radio, TV, or other electronic device … something that gets old in a hurry for the rest of the family. Instead, use this device to get a personalized listening experience while watching TV. No need to turn up the volume for everyone!

4. American Girl Doll with Hearing Aids – Children with hearing loss often have difficulty with the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids or other listening devices. The hearing aid equipped American Girl doll is the perfect gift to help them be more comfortable with hearing aids.

5. Smart Jewelry – Do you ever wonder why your friend or family member with hearing loss doesn’t answer the phone right away? It could be simply because they don’t hear their phone ringing. This beautiful jewelry combines function and fashion, letting you know with a flash or vibration that you’re getting an important phone call, email or message.

So there you have it … our top 5 gifts for people with hearing loss this season! Remember, these gifts are cool and useful, but one of the best gifts you can give is your love and support. If a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, encourage them to schedule an appointment with an audiologist to get treatment as soon as possible. We want them to hear well and live well!

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