Gift Ideas For Children With Hearing Loss

Dec 20, 2021

gift ideas for children with hearing loss

Children with hearing loss often face many challenges. Language delays, learning difficulties, and feelings of depression or inadequacy are just a few.


However, as any of the famous people who are deaf or hard of hearing can tell you, hearing loss doesn’t have to mean not being successful in life. In fact, working to overcome such a challenge often pushes people out of their comfort zone. It makes them do more than what they might otherwise feel capable of doing.


When helping children cope with hearing loss, it’s first imperative to make sure they have access to hearing loss treatment. This will help eliminate some barriers that could affect their growth and development. Then, it’s important to help them deal with the emotional and psychological effects of hearing loss.


Reading books about others who have faced similar challenges, regardless of whether they’re true or fiction, can help children with hearing loss have a greater understanding of what makes them different and how to cope with it.


Gift Ideas to Educate and Inspire Children With Hearing Loss


Whether it’s a gift for the holidays, a birthday, or some other special occasion, these 7 books recommended by Hearing Like Me can entertain children with hearing loss while teaching them valuable lessons.


  1. “Harriet Versus the Galaxy” by Samantha Baines – Written by an author that wears hearing aids herself. This book puts some fun into wearing hearing aids as they help the main character have superpowers.
  2. “Freddy and the Fairy” by Julia Donaldson – This book teaches children how to communicate with those who have hearing loss. Great lessons for children with hearing loss as well as their friends and family members. Being a children’s book, the information is presented in a fun, fictional way but has real-life meaning.
  3. “Can Bears Ski?” by Raymond Antrobus – Written by a deaf author, this book explores the feelings and challenges experienced by a deaf bear as he learns to recognize his hearing problem and then adjust to wearing hearing aids.
  4. “Completely Me” by Justine Green, Ed.D. – Children with hearing loss often feel isolated or insecure because they’re different. This book showcases a little girl who learns to stand up for herself even though she’s different from everyone else.
  5. “Ranvir Cannot Hear” by Genevieve Yusuf – Rather than focusing on what you can’t do, this book for young children teaches them the importance of focusing on what they can do and making the most of their own special talents.
  6. “Mighty Mila” by Katie Petruzziello – This is a book about empowerment and achieving whatever you desire, even if you need a little help from others. The main character has a cochlear implant, making her especially relatable to children with hearing loss.
  7. “Maxi’s Super Ears” by Maggie Klein – This is an inspiring story about Maxi, a young boy who is just beginning to wear hearing aids. He must adjust to the wonderful world of hearing. He embraces what makes him unique and offers lessons on accepting others, even when they’re different.


Helping Children Cope With Hearing Loss


At Advanced Hearing Group, we help people of all ages recognize and deal with hearing challenges. Children with hearing loss hold a special place in our hearts. We understand that helping them at a young age can make a world of difference for their future.


If you suspect your child has hearing loss, schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists as soon as possible. We can help diagnose the type and severity of their hearing loss and recommend appropriate treatment options to get them on the road to better hearing.


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